Take Your Message To The Street With

Mobile Digital

Reach Your Target Audience And Get More Bang For Your Buck!

(With longer impression times than static billboards!)

Lead Innovations | Mobile Digital Billboards

Target Audiences With Precision

Join the list of businesses owners who are making more impressions while spending less money!

Not impacted by the same local zoning regulations as static digital billboards.

Not bound to a single location.

​Can saturate a 30-50 sq mile area for the same cost as ONE single traditional billboard.

Takes messages directly to where the consumer lives, works, and plays.

Why Are Mobile Digital Billboards More Effective?

What Makes A Mobile Digital Billboard Better Than A Static Digital Billboard?

Lead Innovations | Mobile Billboard

Mobile Digital Billboards offer Longer Viewing periods

Viewers can look at advertisements displayed for MINUTES at a time and multiple cycles as they drive down the road.

  • With over 215 square feet of digital screen on the road, you would have try NOT to see this display!
  • The average view time of a traditional billboard is less than 1 second.
  • When your ad is on the street next to the viewer, it can be viewed for several minutes!
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Lead Innovations |  Mobile vs Traditional
Lead Innovations |  Mobile Digital Billboard

Mobile digital Billboards are AN UnParalleled
marketing tool!


One Mobile Digital Billboard can do the job of multiple billboards.

Stop wasting money on ineffective traditional billboard locations!

  • Save money over the life of the campaign.
  • Our professional staff works with you to determine the best route we offer for maximum exposure.
  • With longer view times, your campaign will make a much larger overall impression.
  • ​​Mobile Digital Billboards are big and in traffic, so they create a much more significant 'disruption of pattern.' AKA- they get noticed!
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Sell Your Product!

Smart business owners diversify their marketing strategy and utilize the best tools available.

  • Over half of consumers noticed Mobile Digital Billboards on the road.
  • 69% of consumers immediately visited the advertised location.
  • ​98% of those consumers made a purchase!

** Data taken from 2021 Nielsen Study

Lead Innovations | Sell Your Product

Mobile digital Billboards are nearly IMpossible to miss!

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Lead Innovations |  Nielsen Mobile Billboard

Mobile Digital Billboards go where other forms of advertising can’t.


Generate Leads

Mobile Digital Billboards drive traffic to your webiste.

  • Over one-third of viewers visited the advertised location after seeing a mobile digital billboard.
  • 28% have seen a movie or TV show after seeing a mobile digital billboard.
  • ​67% of viewers have engaged in at least one measured action after seeing a mobile digital billboard.

** Data taken from 2021 Nielsen Study

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Reach 'Device Weary' consumers

Mobile Digital Billboards provide a NEW opportunity to reach people who are burning out on their devices.

  • Internet ad blocking has risen 90% in just one year.
  • A recent study revealed that only 58% of people remember the ads they saw online or on a smartphone, while 97% of people could recall ads from mobile digital billboards.
  • ​It's hard to miss a giant LED screen on wheels driving down the road!
Lead Innovations | Mobile Billboard

only 58% of people remember the ads they see online or on a smartphone!

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Check Us Out In Action!

Unlike static billboards, Mobile Digital Billboards go where other forms of advertising can’t. Their versatility provides creative flexibility to promote your brand and engage your audience.

Lead Innovations | Taylor

Taylor, Director of Marketing | Northwestern Mutual

"As a Director of Marketing for Northwestern Mutual - Nebraska, we collaborate with select partners to help elevate our marketing and branding on a local scale. We have worked with [Lead Innovations] for a number of years. Through research and experience, we have found that their team is not only the most affordable, but the best and most creative team to work with! They've done an amazing job taking our events to the next level (from Husker Tailgates to golf tournaments). Always on time, flexible, and responsive. Five stars!"

Want to know how it works?

Advertising on our mobile digital billboards is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Lead Innovations | Tier One

Choose The Best Route

Our Mobile Digital Billboards drive a variety of routes in cities across the US under our local Franchise model. View our list of routes and choose the one that fits your criteria! If a route doesn't exist in your desired area, reach out to our customer service team to find a route that works for you! We are always open to new routes!

Lead Innovations | Tier Two

Prepare Your Artwork

Our sales team will communicate with you about the aspect ratios, file type, and other specifications for your artwork. However, if you need artwork created we have designers available to assist!

Lead Innovations | Tier Three

Advertise On The Route

Once we have your artwork, our Mobile Digital Billboards saturate the chosen route(s) 40 hours a week. Advertisements on the routes will make an average of 200-250k impressions per week!

Try a route for free!

Advertise on a route for one week...FREE! No obligations, no contracts.

*subject to availability

  • Choose the route you'd like to try
  • Provide the artwork
  • Consider adding a QR code for increased engagement
  • ​​Collect leads, sell your product, and grow brand awareness
  • ​If you're happy with the results, keep the spot and roll right into one of our three packages

Want to see how other businesses and organizations are utilizing

Mobile Digital Billboards?

Comic Con NYC for Universal Studios promoting Pacific Rim 2

US Open of Surfing, Michelob Ultra

All Eyez On Me movie promotion, Times Square, Lionsgate Films

NCAA Elite 8 in Omaha, Sprint

NCAA College Football Championship for Lyft

Political Message targeting Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin

**Testimonials and campaign videos shown are real experiences from clients of Lead Innovations Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control.**

Here are a few other FAQ'S We Get A lot:

  • ​ Do I get to choose where the digital advertising truck goes?

Yes and no.  Each market Lead Innovations operates in has multiple routes set up targeting specific areas.  Each route averages between 30-50 sq mi.  Within each route, the truck travels all the major streets forming a grid over the course of the shift  It also drives through shopping centers, parks when activities are going on, and anywhere that the driver sees people.  We are not able to accept specific requests on the shared route..

  • ​ Can I rent a mobile digital billboard exclusively with only my message on it?

Yes, we have options available for exclusive use rental.  On exclusive use, you are able to set the specific route or target.  Exclusive use can be purchased in 4, 6, and 8 hour blocks, based on availability.  Talk to your local market for more details.

  • ​ Can I run more than one ad?

Yes, on our Lead and Essentials packages, you can.  Lead Package clients can run up to FOUR different ad creatives within their spot and Essentials Package clients can run up to TWO ad creatives within their mobile billboard spot.

  • ​ Am I stuck in long-term contracts?

NO...we believe that if we are giving your business value, you will CHOOSE to continue to do business with us.  We do not believe in trapping our customers into long term contracts.  You can buy your advertising package in as little as 4-week commitments.  Exclusive Use contracts can be for as little as 4 hours.

  • ​ How often is my ad running on the mobile digital billboard?

Our daytime routes run 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday.  The run times vary to capture the various traffic patterns to maximize your impressions. 

  • ​ How many people will see the mobile digital billboard truck?

Every market and route is a little different, but as an overall average, most routes will garner between 200k-500k impressions on the truck each week.

Try a route for free!

Advertise on a route for one week...FREE! No obligations, no contracts.

  • Choose the route you'd like to try
  • Provide the artwork
  • Consider adding a QR code for increased engagement
  • ​​Collect leads, sell your product, and grow brand awareness
  • ​If you're happy with the results, we will of course let you stay on the route ;)
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