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at the World Series of College Baseball

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  • ​366,105 Fans
  • $88.3 Million Economic Impact
  • ​ONE Mobile Digital Billboard

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Seize Your Spot on our mobile digital billboard during the Championship of college baseball

  • In Your Face Marketing:Your ad will be displayed on TWO GIANT 6' x 13' and ONE 6' x 6' high resolution LED screen within a few feet of the college baseball audience. No matter what side of the street they are on, they will see your ad
  • Drive Sales and Awareness:Don't just take our word for it. According to Nielsen Ratings, mobile digital billboards out-perform traditional billboards in driving traffic to your website and bringing buyers into your stores
  • Up Close and Personal:Don't wait passively for your target audience to stumble on you! Take your message where you know they will be. Our LED mobile billboard trucks get your message right up to the stadium and right in front of hundreds of tailgates, bars, and restaurants with outdoor seating.

Can You Afford NOT To Do This?
In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, capturing the attention of potential customers can feel like an insurmountable challenge. With countless businesses clamoring for attention, how can you ensure your brand gets noticed? That's where we come in! At Lead Innovations, we offer an unrivaled advertising opportunity that will not only set you apart from the competition but also catapult your brand into the limelight during one of the most celebrated sporting events in the nation.

Omaha is gearing up for the biggest baseball showdown, as the nation's top college teams come together to battle it out on the field. This highly anticipated event draws hundreds of thousands of passionate baseball fans, creating an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to reach a massive and engaged audience.
Here's why you cannot afford to miss out on this golden opportunity to advertise on our mobile digital billboard during the ultimate college baseball event:

Immense Audience Reach
With over 366,000 enthusiastic fans in attendance, our mobile digital billboard truck will allow you to directly engage with a massive audience. Our strategic routes around Charles Schwab Field, North Downtown (NODO), and The Old Market of Omaha ensure maximum visibility, putting your brand front and center, where all eyes will be focused.

Limited Exclusivity
Our LED billboard truck will feature only eight advertising spots, offering you the chance to be part of an exclusive group of businesses that benefit from this extraordinary opportunity. By keeping the number of advertisers to a minimum, we ensure that your message gets the attention it deserves, without being lost in a sea of competing ads.

Hyper-Targeted Advertising
In addition to reaching a broad audience, our mobile digital billboard allows you to deliver your message to a highly specific demographic - passionate baseball fans. By advertising to this captive audience, you maximize the chances of connecting with potential customers who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

Unmatched Flexibility
Our state-of-the-art LED billboard truck offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to showcase dynamic content that grabs attention and makes a lasting impression. Whether you want to display eye-catching visuals, video clips, or a combination of both, our cutting-edge platform can accommodate all your advertising needs.

Amplified Brand Recognition
By positioning your brand in the midst of an exhilarating and memorable event, you can create a powerful association in the minds of potential customers. As fans revel in the excitement of the game, your advertisement will be etched into their memory, leaving a lasting impact that can translate into increased brand loyalty and customer engagement.

A Sound Investment
Advertising on our mobile digital billboard during this event is not just an expense but an investment in your business's future growth. By capitalizing on this opportunity, you can reap the rewards of increased brand visibility, customer engagement, and ultimately, a boost in sales.

Don't let this once-in-a-lifetime chance slip through your fingers. With only eight coveted spots available, the time to act is now. Stand out from the competition, and secure your place among the select few who will harness the power of our mobile digital billboard to revolutionize their reach during Omaha's most exhilarating baseball event.

Contact us today to reserve your spot and unleash the full potential of your advertising efforts. This is your moment to shine - seize it!

Here is how it works!

  • Screen Time: Each of our mobile digital billboard trucks has THREE movie quality LED screens to capture the attention of anyone within 200' of the truck. Only 8 advertising spots are available and each spot displays for 8 seconds each. The same ads display on all 3 screens so you get over 270 degrees of viewership.
  • Share of Voice: The standard Full Spot is 1/8 share of voice (SOV). For larger brands that want a larger share of voice, we offer discounted pricing for increased share of voice. You can buy 1/4 SOV or 1/2 SOV. Call 402-403-4097 for more information on increase SOV.
  • Full Series Coverage: The championship series has up to 17 games scheduled. Our rule of thumb is if a game is being played, our trucks are running.

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