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if you're a hunter,  come work for us

Lead Innovations Omaha is Omaha's premium billboard company.  We work with local businesses to help them brand their business, drive sales, and recruit employees with our mobile digital billboard trucks.  We are looking for driven sales professionals who aren't afraid of pounding the streets in search of clients who need our help.  If you think you have what it takes to be a closer in the media sales industry, click the button for the next steps.  Prior media sales is not required but is preferred.

Who is lead innovations?

Lead Innovations began in 2014 as Legion Digital Outdoor.  At the time, mobile digital billboard trucks were in their early infancy, with only a few dozen operating in the entire United States.  Legion Digital was one of the first operators to begin working with Fortune 500 brands all over the US.  Over the last several years, Legion Digital has operated in over 40 States for some of the most iconic brands like Anheuser-Busch, Miller-Coors, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket Wireless, and more.

In 2020, Legion Digital started the process of becoming a franchise organization under the Lead Innovations Brand.  Our purpose was to take our vast experience in the mobile digital billboard industry and make it available to local and regional businesses in an affordable way.  Our passion is working with local businesses to help them grow their business using this amazing technology.

Since our inception, we have been family owned and we treat our team members like family.  If you are tired of the corporate cut-throat culture, then we might be your next home.

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tired of your boring sales job?

Welcome To Your New Office!

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are you qualified to apply?

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Are you a hunter?

If you want warm leads handed to you that you just have to close, then this won't be a good fit for you.  This position requires professional closers who enjoy the hunt of generating your own list and working the prospect until the close.

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Do you love people?

We aren't just selling ads for the sake of collecting a check.  Our purpose is helping businesses solve a problem.  To be a sales professional at Lead Innovations, you must have a passion for helping people find solutions to their problems and then after the sale, fostering a relationship.

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Are you flexible?

Some days you will work in the office prospecting and some days you will be in the field cold-calling those prospects at their place of business.  If the thought of walking into a business and confidently pitching our service is exciting to you, then you are the person we are looking for.

What does this position entail?

Position Overview

When you ask what we do at Lead Innovations, you won’t just get a cookie cutter answer of being a billboard company because we are so much more than that. Our passion is seeing local businesses grow and at Lead Innovations, we support that growth by delivering the right message, to the right people, and the right time. For some businesses, they need to deliver a product or service advertisement that will grow sales. For others, they need to hire human assets and we help them deliver that hiring opportunity to the public. And yet others need to promote an event and we help them bring attendees to their event.

Lead Innovations is an emerging franchise opportunity with Omaha being the flagship location. Everything we do in Omaha is the proving grounds for what will be pushed out to the system and is the foundation of what our franchisees will run their business on.

We are looking for a Sales Representative in Omaha that can fulfill a crucial role for us. So, what qualities must you have to be considered for this role?

This May Be A Good Fit If You Are:

  • A self-motivated leader
  • ​A person who LOVES people, who loves communicating with people, and who loves LISTENING to them and then crafting a solution to serve them.
  • ​More concerned with providing the RIGHT solution for the customer vs the most profitable solution for you or the company.
  • ​A person who see’s cold calling on the phone or in person as a challenge vs being afraid of the process.
  • ​A person who people quickly trust and want to engage with
  • ​A person with high morals and ethics.
  • ​An organized person who likes to follow a system and maintain order.
  • ​A persistent person who the more is told “no” the more they feel challenged to close the prospect.

In This Role, You Will Be Expected To:

  • Identify specific businesses who are good candidates for our solutions and maintain an organized CRM (we use Hubspot).
  • ​Cold call prospects both on the phone, through email (video included), and in person.
  • ​Consistently follow up with your prospects until they either give you a hard “no” or you close them.
  • ​Once a prospect is brought on as a client, consistently develop a strong partnership with them and serve them at the highest levels.
  • ​Document your processes and work with the General Manager to build our systems.
  • ​Be flexible.

how do i apply?

STEP 1:  Complete the video questionnaire by clicking the button below.

  -You will need a PDF copy of your resume to upload 

  -You will need FOUR professional references :
     -TWO previous employers
     -TWO previous or current clients you sold to

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