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Exclusive use

Sometimes you need to target a very specific area that is not in one of our daily routes.  For those of you who need to be able to control where we target and run only your ads, we have Exclusive Use options available in 4-hour and 8-hour blocks.  With this option, you can tell a story by running multiple creatives.  Here are some of the most popular uses for Exclusive Use:

  • ​Grand openings or product launch
  • ​Parades
  • ​Political advertising
  • ​Targeted hiring campaigns
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Lead Innovations | LED Billboard Truck For Parades Omaha

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Take your message to the streets of Omaha!  We go where traditional billboards can't.

Don't take our word for it.  According to a recent Nielsen Ratings survey, mobile digital billboards simply outperform traditional digital billboards in every measurable category.  So if you already have traditional billboards in Omaha, NE, then it is a no-brainer to add MOBILE DIGITAL BILLBOARDS to your plan.

Lead Innovations | Mobile Digital Billboards


discover how lead innovations helped these clients achieve their goals

Lead Innovations | Janet Lech

Janet Lech

Founder | Taylor Lech Foundation

When we were looking for a media truck for a fundraiser for pediatric cancer, we were fortunate to work with Lead Innovations. They went above and beyond to talk to me about what my vision was and used their expertise to find the perfect fit for the event. The customer service was outstanding and we will definitely be using them in the future!

Lead Innovations | Taylor Brockhaus

Taylor Brockhaus

Director of Marketing | Northwestern Mutual of NE

As a Director of Marketing for Northwestern Mutual - Nebraska, we collaborate with select partners to help elevate our marketing and branding on a local scale. We have worked with [Lead Innovations] for a number of years. Through research and experience, we have found that their team is not only the most affordable, but the best and most creative team to work with! They've done an amazing job taking our events to the next level (from Husker Tailgates to golf tournaments). Always on time, flexible, and responsive. Five stars!

Lead Innovations | Stephen Bader

Stephen Bader

Political Consultant

Loved working with them for my two candidates. Consider using them as part of your next campaign strategy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question listed below?  Our friendly account reps LOVE helping customers craft a media plan that fits their budget and needs.  Call (813) 212-2766 TODAY for a no-obligation plan of attack.

How much does it cost to advertise on a mobile digital billboard truck?

Lead Innovations Tampa has several price points to help all sizes of businesses afford billboard advertising.  Our shared routes typically range between $975/mo to $2,950/mo.  For businesses that need laser-focused targeting, we offer exclusive advertising that provides more flexibility in route planning and much higher saturation.  Call (402) 809-7502 for a quote.

do I get to pick where the truck goes?

Our shared daily routes have pre-defined zones that they target and we are unable to accommodate specific address targeting on a shared route.  With traditional billboards, you are forced to buy a billboard for every single location you want to target, and that gets EXPENSIVE.  With Lead Innovations, one route covers up to 55 sq miles on a daily basis, so you save significant money in saturating a large geographical area.  If specific location targeting is important to you, Lead Innovations offers exclusive use options to accommodate those needs.

when does the mobile billboard operate?

Our daytime daily routes operate 40 hours per week, primarily Monday - Friday.  Our daily schedule is organized to maximize the number of impressions you get and to display your ads to the three major traffic patterns:  morning drive time, lunch/early afternoon rush, and evening drive time.

will my ads be next to my competitor?

We make every attempt to not put two competing business ads next to each other.  For those businesses that want the exclusivity of their category, we do have options for you to "own" your industry category on a specific route.  Ask our friendly staff how you can keep your competitors from "piggy backing" on your innovation.

Want to own your own mobile digital billboard franchise empire?

Have you ever dreamed about owning and leading your own media company?  If you have a passion for helping people and consider yourself a leader, we want to talk to you to see if you qualify to be a Lead Innovations Franchisee.  Our process is very selective and we only accept the best of the best.  

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