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Amplify Your Parade Presence With Video Megaphones...aka Mobile Digital Video Trucks

Sunday, June 11, 2023

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How Life.Church Omaha Turned Heads At The ElKhorn days parade

Life Church volunteers in front of a mobile digital billboard truck

Ever been to a local parade? Then you've probably seen plenty of banners, floats, and lots of excited folks! But what if there was a way to make your message stand out even more? Well, Lead Innovations Omaha has the perfect solution.

Imagine this: A massive truck rolling down the parade route, but it's not just any truck. It's fitted with TWO huge 6' x 13' LED screens that's brighter than a summer's day. It's playing catchy tunes and showing vibrant videos. Now, wouldn't that make you stop and stare?

Life.Church Omaha thought so too! They partnered up with us for the Elkhorn Days Parade. They were promoting their upcoming July sermon series called "At The Movies," where Senior Pastor, Craig Groeschel, relates popular movies to biblical life lessons. The Omaha campus theme for 2023 is "Pirates of the Caribbean."

As the truck rolled down the parade route of Elkhorn, it showed an animated graphic depicting the Pirates of the Caribbean theme while playing the theme song of the movie. It was cool, it was flashy, and it sure caught everyone's eye.

For those in the crowd who didn't know about Life.Church Omaha before the parade, they got to be introduced to this local church in their community. The LED truck is like a movie theater on wheels, telling whatever story the customer wants told. And the best part? The crowds love it!

Now, think about what an LED mobile billboard can do for you. Are you a business owner looking to showcase your cool new products or services? Maybe you're running for office and want your campaign promises seen by everyone. Or perhaps you're a charity wanting to share your inspiring story. Whatever your message is, our LED billboard truck is like your personal megaphone on wheels.

In a nutshell, our LED mobile billboards are your ticket to standing out in the crowd. They're all about turning your message into a visual treat that gets everyone talking, not just on the parade day, but even after. And you know what's even better? This is something everyone can enjoy, right in the heart of their own neighborhood.

So, the next time there's a parade, why not light up the streets with your own LED billboard truck? We bet it'll make your message the talk of the town. For pricing and more info, check out www.leadinnovations.com/omaha. We can't wait to help your message make a big splash, just like Life.Church Omaha did!

For more information about Life.Church Omaha, visit their website at https://www.life.church/omaha/

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