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Lead Innovations Lights Up Lincoln with Mobile Digital Billboards for Suzanne Geist's Mayoral Campaign

Monday, April 24, 2023

Bootstrap Entrepreneur | Lead Innovations/Political Advertising/Lead Innovations Lights Up Lincoln with Mobile Digital Billboards for Suzanne Geist's Mayoral Campaign
three drivers standing behind LED mobile digital billboard advertising truck for Lead Innovations
mobile digital billboard advertising truck in Lincoln NE for Suzanne Geist for Mayor
crowd passing in front of mobile digital billboard truck at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln NE
Husker fans pass in front of digital mobile billboard truck in Haymarket Park in Lincoln NE

This past weekend, our mobile digital billboards played a crucial role in boosting Suzanne Geist's mayoral campaign in Lincoln. By partnering with Lead Innovations, she was able to reach thousands of people attending the Nebraska Huskers annual Spring Red/White game, as well as those tailgating around the stadium or enjoying the game at their favorite bar or restaurant.

The Suzanne Geist for [Lincoln] Mayor team knew that to make a lasting impact on her target audience, she needed an innovative approach to her campaign. That's where Lead Innovations came in. Our mobile digital billboards allowed her to tap into the excitement and energy of the game, getting her message in front of a massive audience in a memorable way.

Our high-resolution LED screens showcased her campaign message as THREE of our LED advertising trucks cruised through the busiest areas around Memorial Stadium. We strategically targeted the University of Nebraska campus, Haymarket Park, the Bottoms, and Downtown Lincoln, ensuring that we reached as many people as possible.

The result was a truly engaging advertising campaign that not only raised awareness of Suzanne Geist's candidacy but also helped her connect with potential voters in a fun way. Fans attending the game, those enjoying tailgating festivities, and patrons in bars and restaurants around the area couldn't help but notice the eye-catching mobile digital billboards. This widespread exposure contributed significantly to the campaign's momentum heading into the final days of the campaign.

What made this campaign so successful was our ability to leverage the unique advantages of mobile digital billboards. Their mobility allowed us to target specific areas and demographics, while the bright LED screens and dynamic content captured people's attention. This combination enabled Suzanne Geist's campaign to leave a lasting impression on the thousands of people we reached.

As part of our partnership, we worked closely with the candidate’s team to ensure that her message resonated with the audience. Her team developed beautiful ads that showcased her love of the Huskers and her commitment to embracing modern technology and innovative solutions.

The buzz generated by our mobile digital billboards extended beyond game day, as people shared their experiences with friends, family, and social media followers. This word-of-mouth marketing helped amplify the campaign's reach, creating a ripple effect that further increased awareness of Suzanne Geist's candidacy.

Our work with Suzanne Geist highlights the power of mobile digital billboards to transform advertising efforts. By reaching thousands of people in a targeted and engaging manner, we were able to give her campaign a significant boost. The success of this partnership demonstrates how mobile digital billboards can play a crucial role in helping businesses and political candidates alike make a lasting impact on their audience.

If want to make a bold statement with your advertising efforts, then take your billboard advertising to the next level with mobile digital billboards. Lead Innovations can help you create a campaign that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Visit www.LeadInnovations.com/omaha today to learn more about our award-winning services and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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