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"Mobile Billboards: Boost Sales at NCAA College World Series 2023"

Friday, May 05, 2023

Bootstrap Entrepreneur | Lead Innovations/Event Billboard Advertising/"Mobile Billboards: Boost Sales at NCAA College World Series 2023"

How the CWS Impacts Omaha

  • Attendance: Over 360k fans
  • Economic Impact: $88.3 million
  • Most Impacted Businesses: Hotels, bars, restaurants, and entertainment receive 65% of the economic impact

The NCAA College World Series is an electrifying event that not only showcases the best in college baseball but also brings a whirlwind of excitement to Omaha. In 2021, over 360,000 spectators attended, with more than 70% of them coming from outside Omaha. The economic impact of this event soared to over $88 million, with hotels, bars and restaurants receiving a significant chunk of that revenue. With such a massive influx of people and potential customers, local businesses need a way to stand out and capture the attention of this enthusiastic crowd. Enter Lead Innovations and their mobile digital billboard trucks.

As the city prepares to host another unforgettable College World Series from June 15-26, 2023, businesses face fierce competition to capture the attention of visitors and locals alike. Traditional advertising methods, such as print ads and billboards, can get lost in the shuffle, leaving businesses struggling to get noticed In addition, there are strict “clean zone” advertising rules put in place on properties surrounding the stadium and baseball village. But there's a solution that doesn’t fall under property zoning: mobile digital billboards provided by Lead Innovations.

Mobile digital billboards offer several benefits that make them the perfect solution for businesses looking to make a splash during the College World Series. These billboards provide flexibility in ad placement, allowing businesses to target high-traffic areas around Charles Schwab Stadium, The Old Market, Capital District, and Downtown Omaha. The eye-catching LED display ensures that ads will stand out, capturing the attention of event attendees. With mobile digital billboards, businesses can finally rise above the noise and grab their share of the spotlight.

Partnering with Lead Innovations is as easy as following a three-step plan. First, businesses need to reserve their spot on the mobile digital billboard truck. With a maximum of eight rotating ads, spots are limited, and businesses need to act fast to secure their place. Next, businesses can collaborate with Lead Innovations to design an engaging and memorable ad. Finally, businesses should prepare for increased sales as their ad reaches thousands of potential customers.

The consequences of not using mobile digital billboards during the College World Series can be dire for businesses looking to cash in on the event. By relying solely on traditional advertising methods, businesses risk missing out on opportunities to capture event attendees' attention. This can lead to lost sales and foot traffic as customers flock to competitors who have chosen more innovative advertising methods. Moreover, traditional advertising methods can be challenging to measure in terms of effectiveness, leaving businesses uncertain about their return on investment.

On the other hand, the benefits of using mobile digital billboards are immense. Increased visibility and brand recognition will help businesses stand out from the competition. With the potential for greater sales and in-store traffic, businesses can maximize their revenue during the College World Series.

The local businesses that can benefit the most from this huge influx of sports fans are bars, restaurants, hotels, transportation providers, local attractions, retail shops, sporting goods stores, breweries, event-related merchandise vendors, and health and wellness facilities. By partnering with Lead Innovations, these businesses can rise above the competition and make the most of the event's economic impact.

As the excitement builds for the 2023 NCAA College World Series, businesses should seize the opportunity to increase their visibility with the help of Lead Innovations. Visit www.leadinnovations.com/cws to learn more about this unique advertising opportunity and secure one of the limited spots on the mobile digital billboard truck.

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